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Forging a Tech family.

Andreas Lukovnjak

11 years in the dive industry, Andy who was born in Austria but has worked all over the world including dive havens such as Egypt, has certified over 1200 students and has clocked over 5000 dives. Our resident Trimix 60m instructor, Andy is known for his thorough tutelage. Professional and he ensures candidates are exposed to various scenarios of the programs mastering the skills required to manage both planned dives and unlikely situations. 


A maestro with dive equipment and gas blends, Andy is a great person to talk to about your dive aspirations.

Gopaal G Jeyaram

Affectionately known as 'G', meet our resident XR sidemount, XR 45, Horizon SCR instructor. G is known for his enthusiasm and patient training. Never one to simply tick boxes, G puts in the extra time to grow the confidence of new tech students. Being early in his tech development himself, he understands the "big" questions novice tech divers may have and aims to provide clarity.

Passionate about the learning more about the evolving science of diving, G is more than happy to explore dive theories together over a cuppa. 

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